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Transparent transactions, Increase reliability

Convenience, reliabilty

  • Electronic guarantee is a form of guarantee performed through the TradeFlat platform, instead of using a traditional process.
  • By using technology and superior digital transformation solutions, the TradeFlat electronic guarantee trading platform helps increase convenience, speed and reliability in banking guarantee operations.

Fraud risk reduction

  • Electronic guarantees also bring higher reliability in the process of performing guarantee operations. The electronic system allows encrypted and secure information transactions and communications, ensuring data integrity and inedibility. Creating a safe and trustworthy environment for underwriting transactions.

Cost saving

  • Electronic guarantee also helps reduce paperwork and associated costs. Eliminating reliance on traditional paperwork minimizes the risk of loss, damage or fraud.
  • At the same time, reducing the need to print and transport documents also saves costs and has a positive impact on the environment.

Bank Guarantee Issuance Business

The Guaranteed

Bank Guarantee Issuance Business

The Guarantor

New breakthroughs in digital financial transaction process 

Down 50% bank personnel workload



Increase 3 times of productivity and work efficiency



Down 90% document transmission compared with traditional workflow.



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