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Researched and developed by FPT and partners that are leading commercial banks in Vietnam

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Digital connection - Digital report

Businesses can now utilize a digital finance and business analysis platform based on big data to gauge their "business health". The platform offers accurate overviews to guide business strategies, while effectively monitoring business operations forboth businesses and banks.

Digital finance, data analytics platform for businesses

Enterprises, investors, and banks can rely on real-time reporting of business and financial data to make informed decisions.

Real-time reports

Helps analyze the financial health of corporatesregarding: assets and capital, business activities,solvency, operational efficiency and profitability.

Visual reports on business

Analysis system Model

Financial Health Digital enterprise – Digital finance

real-time data update , accuracy, compared with industry index 

Accurate update

Saving resources and analysis time, provide timely reports for Board of Directors to make correct and quick business decisions.


Business financial health analysis about: assets and capital, business activities, solvency, operational efficiency, profitability.

In-depth data

Notification/warning configuraiton , in accordance with bank regulation, accurate forecasts of financial situation and bad debt.

Rapid notification

New breakthroughs in digital financial transaction process 

Down 50% bank personnel workload



Increase 3 times of productivity and work efficiency



Down 90% document transmission compared with traditional workflow.



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