Digitize the entire process of trade finance and supply chain finance activities on one platform, helping to speed up transactions, save time and costs compared to traditional flows

Digitalize the full process of financing activities

Enable dependable and long-term business collaboration by connecting financial supply and demand between enterprises and banks.

Connecting financial supply & demand

Using big data to evaluate businesses, evaluate operations, and design efficiency financial programs and financial health monitoring after funding.

Financial health monitoring & supervising

Supports business data authentication, while ensuring maximum security of customer data

Optimal security - fraud prevention

Remove bottlenecks, create digital connections in financing with leading digital transformation technology

Researched and developed by FPT and partners that are leading commercial banks in Vietnam, TradeFlat applies leading digital transformation technology to help connect banks and businesses, analyze data and provide connection recommendations, thereby solving the overall problem of capital financing in commercial transactions for businesses

One platform, millions of connections

E2E digital finance platform for businesses & banks in the supply chain

TradeFlat was developed on the basis of applying advanced technology solutions, while ensuring the safety and security of the system: FPT CA, AI, OCR ...

Safety, Security

Cost saving of courier, hard copy stationary and personnel related to mannual operations


Down 90% transaction processing compared with traditional workflow. Real-time process and update transactions among stakeholders


Connect sellers and buyers, corporates and banks. Transparent update information and documents among stakeholders


End to end transaction on a single platform

Challenges in accessing loans from banks and international trade transactions - DxPerts™

A digital financial ecosystem for corporates leveraging
connections with commercial banks in Vietnam

Small and medium enterprises

  • Reduce "bottlenecks" of capital scarcity by expanding credit opportunities with credible institutions.
  • Encourage the development of close and long-term partnerships with manufacturers, distributors, and others. 

Large corporations

  • Management of business activities and goods distribution on smart DMS.
  • Real-time monitoring of the partners' financial status, which allows for a shorter average collection cycle.
  • Continuously monitor the connection between supply and demand of goods, promote quick and smart production planning.
  • Diverse ecosystem of potential and reputable suppliers and distributors.


  • Connect and support upcoming businesses by facilitating swift connections with a vast network of distributors and suppliers. 
  • Real-time monitoring of corporates' financial health, accelerating disbursement, bad debt warnings, and risk reduction of capital loss.

Breakthroughs in digital financial transaction process 

Down 50% bank personnel



Increase 3 times of productivity and work efficiency



Down 90% document transmission compared with traditional workflow.



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