Letter of Credit

Superior digitalization optimally supports E2E L/C process

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Reduce hard-copy document

Paperless office

Shorten processing time of documents approval, loan applications & disbursement.


Seemless transactions between Corporate - Corporate, Bank - Bank and Corporate - Bank

Seemless workflow

Preeminent transformation and optimal support for L/C end-to-end procedure

Digitalize end-to-end L/C process on a sole platform


  • The buyer’s bank issues L/C inaccordance with TradeFlat templates or send from bank system to TradeFlat via APIs
  • Seamless workflow among Issuing bank – Financing Bank – Beneficiary Bank 

Large Corporates

  • Using eKYC technology to open trade account
  • Digital signature services for commercial contracts
  • Real-time draft L/C and L/ application to Issuing bank
  • Online document presentation


  • Reduce "bottlenecks" of capital shortage by expanding credit opportunities with credit institutions.
  • Encourage the development of close and long-term partnerships with manufacturers, distributors, and others.

Transparent transaction, quick Approval

Banks' benefit when joining in platform

Customers and Partners

  • Issuing bank & Financing bank easily negotiate with each other on the platform
  • Accelerate productivity and customer service capabilities.

Smart transparency

  • Up-to-date and instant transactions among stakeholders
  • Immutable data and documents on Blockchain

Cost saving

  • Cost saving of bank personnel: L/C application acceptance, checking documents, SWIFT telegram process
  • Cost of document inventory in Corporates and Banks, SWIFT charges, .....

Reduce fraud risk

  • KYC customers and documents in accordance with AML/CTF regulations

TradeFlat Operation Model

Digitize end-to-end L/C process for Corporates

TradeFlat was developed on the basis of applying advanced technology solutions, while ensuring the safety and security of the system: Blockchain, FPT CA, AI, OCR...

Safety, Security

Cost saving of courier, hard copy stationary and personnel related to mannual operations


Down 90% transaction prcess compared with traditional workflow. Up-to-date and instant transactions among stakeholders


Connect sellers and buyers, corporates and banks. Transparent update information and documents among stakeholders


Digitize end-to-end L/C process on Blockchain platform

Down 50% bank personnel workload



Increase 3 times of productivity and work efficiency



Down 90% document transmission compared with traditional workflow.



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