Supply Chain Finance

E2E digital finance platform for businesses and banks in the supply chain.

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Shorten disbursement time and payment cycle compared with tranditional workflow

Time saving

Seemless Electronic transactions throughout between Business - Business, Bank - Bank and Business - Bank

Seemless workflow

Save costs for businesses/suppliers
with low interest rates compared to
conventional short-term loans

Cost saving

Digital connections – digital supply chain finance

One platform - multiple benefits

FPT Supply Chain Finance - TradeFlat platform supports the entire process of digital financing in the supply chain.Comprehensive solutions like DMS and/or ERP help manage businesses' activities while Financial Health Monitor assists in analyzing data. Thus, the system can provide early warnings for stakeholders. Banks mayse these information to effectively create & implement financing programs.

E2E digital finance platform for businesses and banks in the supply chain

Financed business

  • Enhance business reputation with the ability to pay early, shorten payment time, compete on costs, and expand customers
  • Increase liquidity and payment efficiency, easily control the cash flow of the business
  • Strengthen relationships with strategic suppliers/distributors, creating a long-term sustainable supply chain
  • Save loan costs with low interest rates 


  • Expand connection and funding opportunities for diverse businesses, suppliers/distributors, creating sustainable, long-term cooperative relationships
  • Support to monitor operations and monitor the business situation and financial health of the enterprise
  • In-depth data analysis, providing early warnings to prevent risks of capital loss


  • Easily increase working capital without affecting the business's credit limit
  • Receive early payment from businesses, quick disbursement from banks
  • Minimize payment risks with the Buyer
  • Predict demand – adjust production and supply based on big data 

Supply Chain Finance Model

  • Corporate Onboard
  • SCF Contract
  • Credit Agreement
  • SCF Program Application 
  • Invoice 
  • Purchase Order 
  • Invoice Financing 
  • PO Financing

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E2E SCF transaction digitalization on Blockchain platform

Reduce payment risks up to 90%



Shorten the payment cycle of
businesses with suppliers: from
60-180 days to 10-30 days



Shorten disbursement time between
banks and businesses: from 10-15
days to 2-3 days



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